Tire Flatproofing

Eliminate flat tires forever!
Even in the most hazardous environments, tires filled with ArncoPathway’s patentedU.S. Patent # 4,416,844 Tire Flatproofing can never go flat.. Also referred to as foam fill, this product will increase the productivity of your equipment and will significantly increase tire life without the hard ride resulting from solid rubber tires. Since 1971, no company has supplied more tire flatproofing worldwide than Arnco.

How it works?
ArncoPathway’s patented liquid polyurethane is pumped into the tire through the valve system, replacing the air in any pneumatic tire. The result is a synthetic rubber core that will never go flat! And thanks to our unequaled formulation process, tires run much smoother and cooler. What does it mean to you? A longer lasting tire and a better performing machine. And since no two applications are alike, ArncoPathway has developed application-specific formulas to ensure top performance.

8-DurometerKnown in the industry as the soft foam fill, Superflex has set the benchmark for vehicle ride, operator comfort, and overall improved braking and handling. With an 8 durometer, it can be used in radial and bias ply alike, and mimics pneumatic tire properties, including deflection and footprint.

  • Soft Air-Like Ride
  • Maximum Tire Deflection
  • Easier on Equipment and Operators
  • Improved Traction and Wider Footprint

Typical SuperFlex Applications:
Good for those applications like skid steers where additional traction is needed and a soft air-like ride is desired. SuperFlex is the only fill material approved for use with over-the-tire metal tracks like those manufactured by Loegering Mfg., Inc. and Grouser.

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Simply the highest quality material in the industry – period! This premium product has the best heat resistance of any other material, and can be run in-service at highway speeds of 55 mph / 88 kph for 8 hours. Tire deflections and tread footprint are only nominally less than that of an air-filled tire.

  • ArncoPathway’s Original Flatproofing Product
  • Best Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tire Deflection
  • Good for Most Applications

Typical RePneu Applications:
RePneu has been used effectively in a variety of applications wherever heat buildup is a consideration from application or length of runs. Loaders, Cranes, forklifts, tank haulers, and aircraft ground support equipment have all benefited from its heat resistant properties.

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RePneu II™ is considered the workhorse of Tire Flatproofing industry. This foam fill is also a mid-durometer product with a Shore-A hardness of 32. It exhibits tire deflections similar to that of RePneu and is designed for a wide range of applications with moderate duty.

  • Provides Similar Benefits to RePneu
  • Very Good Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tire Deflection
  • Good for Most Applications

Typical RePneu II Applications:
RePneu II can be used for most average conditions. It is best suited for applications like telehandlers, scissor lifts, tow bars, rough terrain and telescopic material handling forklifts.

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Originally formulated for original equipment manufacturers, this is considered a more economical material for those customers requiring a more competitive material. With a Shore-A hardness of 35, it exhibits similar characteristics to RePneu II.

  • Provides Similar Benefits to RePneu II
  • Average Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tire Deflection
  • Good for Most Applications

Typical RePneu OEM Applicatons:
RePneu OEM can be used for most average applications such as aerial work platform and telehandlers.

When rock-steady stability and minimum tire sidewall deflection is desired. This 55-Shore-A formula is specifically designed for big, slow moving equipment or those tires with high air pressure requirements.

  • Provides Rock-Steady Stability
  • Provides Added Safety
  • Minimum Tire Deflection
  • Ideal for Moving Heavy Loads Over Short Distances

Typical HeviDuty Applications:
HeviDuty is ideal for moving tremendous weights over short distances. Such applications would include aerial lifts, aircraft boarding bridges, straddle carriers, or underground mining equipment like shield haulers, scoops, scalers, and roof bolters.

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Perhaps the most innovative formula in the industry, Ecofil was designed with affordability and sustainability in mind. Made from a proprietary blend of renewable resources, this 25-Shore-A material has a 50% reduction of aromatic oils and is 100% virgin polymer.

Watch a short video about Ecofil

  • Provides Similar Benefits to RePneu OEM
  • Average Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tire Deflection
  • Good for Most Applications

Typical Ecofil Applications:
Since Ecofil is a new product, please contact your sales representative for best recommendations.

Superfill Equivalent
Ideal Application
ecoflex 15
  1. SuperFlex
  • Soft air-like ride
  • Best traction
Best for vehicles, where an air-like ride and tire deflection is desired.
ecofill 28
  1. RePneu and
  2. Repneu II
  • Better Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tire Deflection
Best suited for the widest amount of applications.
ecofil HD 52 HeviDuty
  • Min. Tire Deflection
  • Best Stability
Big, slow vehicles moving heavy weights over short distances
Graco Flushless II PumpGraco Flushless II Pump
The Flushless™ II Pumping System is ArncoPathway’s most popular unit that minimizes waste, is easy to maintain, and simple to learn how to operate. At up to 35lbs. per minute, it is the only pumping system in the industry that uses only genuine Graco components as well as ArncoPathway’s Smart Guage™ and Quickfill Connector™.

Quest 75 Electric Pump
For higher productivity, the Quest 75 electric pumps up to 75 pounds per minute (PPM). It is low maintenance and runs on 3 phase power to save on energy. Upgrades are also available through a computer chip that can be sent or programed by ArncoPathway technical personnel.

Green MachineGreen Machine
The Green Machine™ by ArncoPathway has quickly become the fastest and most durable foam fill recycling system in the industry. At up to 50 lbs per minute, this system can also reduce costs by 50% and is the only system in the industry that can:

  1. Use three different types of filling material such as ground poly, ground rubber, or even a previously recycled mix of tire filling material.
  2. Offer the flexibility of having the Grinder next to or away from the Green Machine depending upon the needs of a customer’s individual operating environment.

Green Machine Environmental Benefits
Green Machine Manual